Tyre Archaeological Sites

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There are two Roman and Byzantine archaeological sites in the southern city of Tyre: Al-Mina and Al-Bass. On this excursion you’ll have the chance to discover both with a local guide, who can talk you through each site and the magnificent ruins you’ll find. Al-Bass is the larger of the two, featuring remnants of a necropolis, triumphal arch, aqueduct, and Roman hippodrome, collectively dating back to between the second and fourth centuries CE.

Although Al-Mina is smaller it boasts the superior location, out on the waterfront overlooking the sea, with the remains of towering columns of Greek marble dominating the scene. Ruins of Roman baths and mosaic tiling can also be discovered here. It only takes a couple of hours to wander through both sites, and well worth it as two of the most significant landmarks in Tyre and south Lebanon.

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