Baatara Gorge

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Located under an hour from Byblos, the Baatara Gorge makes an ideal stop-off on a Lebanon touring itinerary. This beautiful natural wonder is made up of a giant sinkhole that drops 255 metres into the limestone surroundings and a waterfall that pours from the top, creating a postcard-perfect scene. There are a number of paths that surround the gorge that visitors can explore, as well as a natural stone bridge in the centre that you can walk across (if you dare!) and from which you can peer down into the depths below.

It’s worth noting that the path down to the gorge is made up of quite a few steps that can be quite slippery, so anyone visiting should be comfortable with the 15-minute or so stroll down and the climb back up. The best time to visit is in spring when the waterfall is in full flow, but even if you’re here in the warmer months and just find a trickle, the rest of the gorge is nonetheless impressive.

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