Hiking in the Qadisha Valley

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The Qadisha Valley is one of the best hiking destinations in Lebanon. Even if you’re not particularly keen on walking, it’s worth doing one or two light strolls as it’s the best way to see the incredible scenery both on the mountain plateaus and down on the valley floor.

Short, easy walks: If don’t fancy or can’t manage any challenging uphill walking while you’re in Qadisha, fear not – there are lots of hikes for you. Our guides and drivers can arrange routes and pick-ups on the flat paths at the bottom of the valley, so that you can visit the monasteries that are dotted through the scenery and marvel up at the sublime cliffs. These walks vary in length, anything from an hour up to full-day walks from end to end of the monasteries. We can also arrange some time up in the Cedars of God to take a stroll along the well-maintained paths surrounded by these ancient trees.

Long, more demanding treks: More adventurous trekkers also have opportunities for longer, full-day routes in Qadisha along the Lebanese Mountain Trail, which is well-marked in the region. One of the most popular is the hike from Bcharre to Hasroun, a difficult but rewarding 13.5-mile walk heading up to the paths at the very top of the region, through the cedar reserve, all the way around the valley and back down on the other side. This takes roughly six to seven hours depending on your pace. You can also walk the entire length of the valley from the monastery at Qozhaya to Bcharre, just over eight miles in total and taking about five and a half hours. This passes by several of the most important monasteries in the region, as well as trickling springs and hidden hermitages.

This is a brief overview of what’s possible, but as there are so many options for Qadisha hiking the best way to arrange routes that are suitable for you is to chat to one of our specialists about how far you’d like to be walking each day, and what kind of difficulty you’d be happy with. With a wide range of options on offer it’s straight-forward to put together an ideal couple of days based on your specific preferences.

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