Beiteddine Palace

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Beiteddine Palace is among the most spectacular and interesting landmarks in the Chouf region of Lebanon, a remnant of leader Bashir Shihab II’s legacy that is still felt strongly in this part of the country. Starting in 1788 the palace took 30 years to build and was Bashir Shihab II’s palace until 1840 when the prince was forced into exile to Turkey. After that, the palace was used by the Ottomans and French, and has been the presidents’ summer residence since the country’s independence in 1943.

On your trip to Beiteddine you’ll take a stroll around the palace with your guide and learn everything there is to know about this beautiful structure. This includes peering inside its grand lounges where the prince would entertain guests, strolling through the gardens, and taking a look at the traditional hammam. Taken at a slow and thorough pace, you can expect to spend up to a couple of hours at the palace.

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