Beit el Qamar

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Beit el Qamar advertises itself as ‘your Grandma’s house in the heart of the Chouf’ and that accurately conveys what it’s like to stay here. Homely, friendly, and tastefully decorated, the hotel is part of the Souk El Tayeb group, which promotes sustainable tourism and traditional Lebanese cuisine, so you can expect to find something very authentic there. The hotel is just outside the town of Deir el Qamar, which was once the capital of Mount Lebanon, and enjoys a countryside setting where you can see the sun set behind the mountains in the distance.

There are seven rooms in the guest house in total, as well as a couple of lounge areas to relax in – one always stocked with pastries, cakes, tea and coffee that you are welcome to at any time of day or night. The restaurant is popular with locals here, particularly on summer weekends when it hosts a gigantic buffet lunch, so expect it to be busy at these times.

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